Burnham on Crouch

Group Updates

There have been a few changes recently with the groups.

Firstly, I would like to welcome Eric Tremlett as a Group Leader. Eric has taken over the Monday Table Tennis Group and will start his new role in April. I would also like to thank Roy Hutchins who has run both Table Tennis Groups for years now – I say he runs them but whenever I go and visit it seems to run itself; players mix up, games are played in good spirit and everyone really enjoying themselves (in reality that is down to Roy’s organisation and the players’ cooperation). Roy will continue to lead the Wednesday group.

Secondly, Liz Smith is going to take over the Bridge Group - details are below. I would like to thank Sheila Shuker who had led the group jointly with Mick Kilbride for many years.

Thirdly, we have a new group, Life Anew. This was the initiative of Liz Smith and has started off really positively. Once again, Liz has written more about the new group – see below.
It is refreshing to have members come forward to lead a group. If you feel you could lead a group, we have waiting lists for the Book Groups, Family History Groups and Garden Groups.

If a group leader were to come forward, I am sure we would be able to form new groups.

Diane Caulkett, Group Co-ordinator


A new venue for the Bridge Group has been offered by Liz Smith. The plan is for the group to meet weekly on Tuesday evenings at 7.00pm at Liz’s house in Burnham. The group welcomes beginners and experienced players and it is hoped to restart the group on Tuesday 23rd April. The idea, initially, is to have two tables playing so we may have to limit membership from time to time. Members who were previously in the Bridge group will be offered first refusal. It will be important to get a mix of abilities so that we can all learn. If you would like more details please contact Liz Smith

Life Anew

This new group is aimed at members who, for a number of reasons, may be trying to build a new life. So the group could be of interest to those who have recently lost their husband, wife or partner, who have recently moved to Burnham, have recently divorced, or perhaps are caring for a family member but becoming too isolated. Members of the group make suggestions about future events (monthly at the moment) and at that event, we decide on what members would like to do the following month. This might be lunch at a restaurant or at a member’s home, perhaps attending one of the monthly lunchtime concerts in Maldon, seeing a film at the Rio, meeting up for coffee, tea or cocktails! We don’t have a set day and may, in time, decide on more than one event a month. It’s early days but we already have a dozen members so if you are interested your name would go on a wait list for the time being. Please contact Liz Smith if you’d like more details..

  • Diane Caulkett, Group Co-ordinator