Burnham on Crouch

10-Pin Bowling

Status:Active, open to new members
Diane Caulkett Tel: 01621 783786
Group email: 10-Pin Bowling group
When: Fortnightly on Thursday afternoons
2:00pm - 4:00pm
Venue: Madison Heights - Maldon

The group meets at the Bowling Alley, Madison Heights, Maldon. There is a fee that includes 2 hours of bowling, shoe hire and refreshments. The group has a varied level of skill from beginners to experienced and everyone is welcome to come and join in. A certain amount of fitness is required. The games are played for fun although there is an element of competitiveness amongst the players.

28th March 2024

A little down on numbers but not enthusiasm just 12 for this session, just squeezed in before the Easter Holidays and the invasion of the little people.

Ian got off to a convincing start with a score of 132 which also turned out to be the highest of the day. Steve 2nd with 124 closely followed by Diane C on 123.

In the 2nd round, my team mate Anne W mistakenly took my turn but only got 4 down on her first throw so I got it removed in case I was on form for this game which could be the 'big one'. After all the palaver I joked "I'll probably get a gutter ball now" and to my horror that's just what happened. Anne thought it was funny, my 2nd bowl got just 4 down so how ironic is that and how embarrassing. Anne rubbed salt into my wounds by scoring 129, the highest score of the second round. Tim was second with 121.

The final round of the day was a joint win with Suzie and June B both getting 125, June played very well today and her beaming smile was the reward. Suzie did a few trick shots, one was hitting a split cleanly in the middle to dispense both pins.

Best series Ian with 350, just one point behind Diane C on 349 then Steve 343. Next bowl is in 3 weeks on 18th April. Happy Easter.
- Lynne Leech

14th March 2024

I don't know if it was because Diane was back, but our numbers swelled to 18. A baptism of fire for her as it’s so difficult to know numbers with people moving about to find balls, some paying, putting on shoes, late arrivals. Then to add to the confusion there are 3 Diane's, 2 June's, 2 Anne's. In the end we had 6 lanes.

Ian once again took the first round with 144, beating my 130.

Tim did well in the 2nd game with a decent 131 but, still seeming to be on track with my throwing technique, I got the high score of the day with 152.

The final round of the day went to our team leader Diane, whose form and nerves seemed to be restored after the edgy start, she nearly beat my high score of the day achieving a

150. Phew that was close. I had 142, Ian close on my tail with 140, Steve 120. High series Lynne 424, Ian 398, Diane C 389.
- Lynne Leech

29th February 2024

On the day that only happens every 4 years (my proposal was turned down again), 15 of us met up at the bowling alley. With persistent rain outside, nobody felt like they were missing outdoor activities.

June T was thrilled to get a strike on her first throw, but the delight was short lived when on frames 3, 4, 5 and 6 her ball managed to avoid any pins with 8 consecutive "gutter balls".

The score board with all its dashes looking like a coded cry for help. She still kept smiling.

Ian had a great start and highest score in the first round with a lovely 147. Anne W achieved 132 in the 2nd round but my 148 gave me the lead.

There were some good scores in the final game, Tim and Julie both getting 128, Ian repeated his first score once again bowling a 147 but I was picking up my spares and with a few strikes thrown in finished on a very pleasing 177.

High series (total of 3 games) Lynne 447, Ian 402, Julie359.
- Lynne Leech

8th February 2024

The beauty of not being in a What's App group for our bowling is that you don't know who is going to turn up on the day. So we were delighted to welcome back two faces from the very distant past, Don and John. With 13 of us, we had 5 lanes as any more than 3 on a lane takes forever.

With Diane away on her adventures down under, came the chance for others to shine and with myself well under par for my first two games that honour was given to Peter Smith in the first round with 122. Our regular, and dainty, bowler Christine came close to taking the 2nd round
with a respectable 123 but she was pipped by just 5 points by Steve, who was impressing the two ladies on his team with his score of 128. Just as I thought I had taken the third round with a 135 - and high score of the day - Steve stole my glory, ending on a very nice 148. He also had
the highest scores of the day.
- Lynne Leech

25th January 2024

With two new members joining we had 16 bowlers so bowled on 5 lanes; hopefully we will continue to have that number, or more.
Once again Lynne bowled the highest series with 429, and once again also, Diane C got the highest score of 179. It was Tim though who scored the first Turkey of the year - well done Tim three strikes in a row is brilliant and 153 as an end score is good.
Next sessions are 8th February, 29th February and 14th March - if you do intend on coming please be at the bowling alley ready to bowl by 2.00pm
- Diane Caulkett

11th January 2024

The overall 2023 results showing averages and maximum scores were available for all to see. Some were disappointed, others pleased. In brief the highest score of the year went to Diane C 176, closely followed by Ian and Ron just a few points behind. She also got the highest series score of 451 with Ron second scoring 448. Most of the bowlers bowled better or around the same as the previous year with only two dropping
their scores.
New year, new start: and eleven of us bowled on our first session for 2024. We also had 2 spectators (Anne W, recovering from injury and who will be back soon, and Polly).
For once the lanes behaved well and, as we were the only ones in the bowling alley, we didn’t have to!! So, we requested the music we liked and enjoyed singing and dancing too - it was a really jolly afternoon. Back to bowling - Ian started slowly and then got going bowling 145 and 136 on his last two games. (As he was on a lane with only two people, he had time to bowl another game and I think bowled even higher than that, shame it doesn’t count Ian - but even so he didn’t beat the highest score of the day of 149). The highest series was 413 with Lynne coming second on 390.
- Diane Caulkett

14th December 2023

This was to be our last session for the year and also our Christmas one. Everyone came dressed in their Christmas attire: jumpers, hats, t-shirts etc. Ian even sported a jumper with festive koala bears - a jolly welcome back for me. It was a shame the bowling didn’t match this enthusiasm although perhaps the enthusiasm was there but the scores certainly didn’t reflect that. There were prizes up for grabs - highest score, first strike, most strikes, winners of each round and the five lowest scorers. The rule was that a person could only win one prize - Joan, in fact, could have won 3. In round 1 she equalled the highest score with Ian, 140; he claimed that prize as Joan bowled the 1st strike of the day achieving it on the 3rd frame. She also bowled the most strikes of the day, five in total, but that prize went to Julie in second place with three. The winner of the next round was Joan again so Steve, in second place, took that and I won the third round with 138. Ian had the highest series of the day with 362. The five lowest scorers were Lynne, Chris, Diane R, Ron and Phil. Over coffee the modest prizes were awarded. It was a fun afternoon and thanks to all the bowlers who have made our sessions throughout the year friendly and special; we commence battle in 2024 on 11th January.
- Diane Caulkett

30th November 2023

On a very cold afternoon we had a decent number turn up for our bowling session. Good to see Peter S and June back with us. We weren’t stuck up the corner, as usual, but the pins, as usual, were stuck up in the machinery. On the 3rd callout for the machine to be unblocked, we were told there were brand new pins on all the lanes; shame the rest of the equipment couldn’t be renewed too. I started off in a blaze of glory: strikes, spares and a fab score of 166 - I did utter, ‘it won’t last long’, and boy was I right and in the next two games only scraped past the 100. Peter S took the first round with a nice 132 closely followed by Steve with 123. Ian going in the right direction for the final game finishing on 139. High series was Lynne 391 and Ian 371 and 3rd was Peter S with 351 closely followed by Steve 347. Well done everyone for coming along.
- Lynne Leech

16th November 2023

Our meet up was well attended considering our group leader, Diane, was in Oz, and Anne Woodhams had, I heard, broken her wrist playing her much loved Padel tennis. A nice even number of 12, 3 bowlers on each of our 4 allocated lanes.
The scores in the first game were low - only 4 people getting over 100. Ian was in my team and was ahead until the 10th frame when I got a spare, then a strike, beating his respectable score of 135 by just 6 points. Ian did triumph in the next game with 138, but Steve on lane 2, having had some cola pops or something, played a blinder and scored an amazing 164 - unfortunately the caffeine in the tea break cancelled out the high and he was then under par. However, Diane, who was in Steve's team, then bowled the best score of the 3rd round with a 132. Best series was myself with 392, 2nd Ian with 376, and Julie, our newest member, with 363.
We only have one bowling session in December which is on the 14th which will be our Christmas jumper, onesie, baubles, or whatever you can put on to look festive.
- Lynne Leech

5th October 2023

12 of us played, 6 ladies and 6 men, so we had 4 lanes of 3. Ron got the highest score of the day with 172, Joan got the second highest in game 2 with 138, and Julie T. got the third highest in the first game with 120. Ron managed 2 doubles and also got the highest series with 388. Steve was second in the series with 325. Out of the 12 of us, the only two not to win any games at all were Diane R. and Ian. Better luck next time! I have to say that Peter only needed 3 points on his last turn to win the first game but put the ball in the gutter with both throws. Shame.
The next session will be on 19th October at 2pm.
-Ian Parrott

June 2023

The month of June saw the return of Diane C from her travels and, with the warmer weather, Ron & Joan emerged from hibernation. It was almost the day of glory for Ron but there is always someone who spoils it - unfortunately it was me! Ron started well with the highest
scores in both games 1 & 2, - 37 and 161 respectively - but with a flourish at the end Diane C bowled a string of strikes overtaking him by 7 points; he very sportingly took it on the chin. He did have his moment of glory achieving the highest series of the day with 448.
Anne W got better as the afternoon went on and after coffee (which by the way has improved, it is now hot and tastes like coffee), bowled 151, just 4 points short of her highest this year.
The second session a fortnight later, old spoil sport did it again, sorry Ian. Ian was almost bringing out the champagne when he got 132 in the first game but once again with a flurry of strikes, Diane C beat him by the narrow margin of three points, and in the second game sealed the challenge with 147. Play went downhill for everyone in the third game with the winner being Steve bowling 126.
I may be wrong but I think it was the first time Chris bowled all three games over 100; she really has cracked it and ended with her highest series so far this year, 316. June was so unlucky with the way the pins fell and had split after split but she smiled throughout. Peter S took a while to get going but seemed to regain control in the second and third games.

Our fan club, Polly, attends almost every session and it is she, with glass of wine in hand, who must see more than anybody our strange ways of bowling, our disappointments, sulky faces, smirks; it would be very interesting to hear what she has to say.
With school holidays looming we only have one more session before our summer break but there is all to play for - if nothing else we have a laugh.
- Diane Caulkett

18th May 2023

Seven of us played, 4 ladies and 3 men. Diane C was away on holiday and Peter S. was nowhere to be seen. Lynne got the highest score of the day with 154, Ian P got 150 and Anne and Lynne again both got a 144. Anne and Lynne both scored 2 doubles, and Diane R broke a hundred twice. The series winner was Lynne with 391, then Ian P with 373, then Anne with 363. Phil won the 4th game of the afternoon, but unfortunately for him, doesn't really count towards the totals. The next meeting will be Thursday 8th June at 2pm due to half term coming up.
-Ian Parrott

4th May 2023

Seven of us played, 4 ladies and 3 men. It turned out to be a day of records despite Diane C, and Lynne being absent. Four of us got doubles, namely Diane R, Peter S, Anne and Ian P. Diane R. got her highest score ever with a 130, Ian P. got his highest score ever with 173 which was the highest score of the day, and June R got her highest score ever with 116. Chris broke a hundred twice and Steve achieved his major goals by exceeding 100 in all three games. The highest series win was Ian P with 410
-Ian Parrott

20th April 2023

It was a small gathering for our session on 20th April - just 8 of us, and that included Ian's sister June, on her visit over from Australia. Chris paired up with our guest bowler. Our resident June teamed up with Diane and Phil and I bowled with Ian and Peter Smith. Ian was on form and we shared first position on the first game each getting 122, Chris 2nd with 110, Peter 3rd with 102. Ian got a few pins more in the 2nd game with a 125 game, Phil upping his game with 117 and I was 3rd with 112.
The last game again was a close run thing between myself and Ian - he finished on a 139, I was behind so needed to spare on the last frame; I got 9 then spared on the remaining pin so with the extra ball I managed to grab the lead from him and won by just 4 points, a very
close run thing.
Phil and the girls’ lane was playing up so they were a few frames behind. With a score of 127 on the 8th frame Phil could have toppled my crown but as a few of us had gathered round we put the pressure on and the cough, as he was about to bowl, might have helped - he
unfortunately put the next two balls down the gutter, one each side. Plus the clock was showing just minutes until the machine would shut off due to our time being up, the onlookers urging him to hurry. So it was very unfair, but he took it on the chin still taking 3rd place with 133 so a good effort.
Ian had the highest series of the day with 386, I was 2nd with 377 and Phil 3rd with 343.
Next bowl is on 4th May
(Diane C, group leader, and Anne W were absent doing some ‘modelling’ - not sure if this was clay, Airfix or calendar girls…?)
- Lynne Leech

March 2023

On a cold, damp Thursday afternoon in early March the bowling group gathered to do battle. Good to see some faces from the past, June and then Suzie, her last visit was 2019!!! Once again, no big scores to start off the first round. Steve had 117 and June 109. The second game was much better, Peter Smith scoring 133, Lynne 138 but pipped at the post by Ian with 139, a score that included a Turkey (three strikes in a row). The tea break, as usual, interrupted the flow and concentration levels and the scores were way down, Lynne a clear winner in the final round with 136. Suzie only got to play 2 games having arrived late due to start-time mix up but she wasn't too rusty, getting 116 and 101 - so one to look out
for when she gets back into the swing of things.
The highest score was Ian's 139; Highest Series (total of 3 games) was Lynne with 375; Steve 2nd with 325 and Ian 3rd with 318. June’s first two games were 109 and 106 but sadly dropped to 56 after the tea break curse, so had the dubious honour of lowest score of the day.
The following session was unremarkable with Ian on the highest score of 139 - but he dropped form later with two of his games not reaching 100. Not so though for Diane C who, returning after a break, bowled the highest score of 176 and a series of 451, both the highest scores so far this year. Lynne still retains the highest score ever of 190 but still blames the venue’s coffee for her recent low scores! She has vowed to have a different beverage next time so watch this space for some amazing scores from her. Other successes were Diane H and Steve who bowled their highest scores this year, both scoring 129.
Next meeting is on Thursday 20th April.
-Diane Caulkett

February 2023

After a 3-week break due to missing the half term week and the little people, the group was back albeit a bit depleted with a number on holiday including our leader Diane Caulkett. Nine of us, four ladies five men, at least made it easy to have 3 players on 3 lanes.
The first round was less than thrilling with Pete Banham reaching the highest score of just 115 with Steve 2 points behind him. The 2nd round was a bit better with Ian regaining his previous form with 139 which was also the highest score of the day, Lynne second with 122.
The final frame was a close-run thing with all the 'Jack' team which was the two Petes and Diane H. Diane got her best score to date with a respectable 127, Pete S just in front on 128 and Pete B back on track with 133. Diane also 'spared' on some difficult splits - well done.
Next bowling date is 9th March.
-Lynne Leech

January 2023

New year - a new start and bowling their first balls of this year 40% of the bowlers got a strike! Not Peter S however, he bowled gutter ball after gutter ball and just scraped a score of 50. With encouragement from everyone, and determination from him, his next round was genius. He bowled a fantastic 140. He was pleased last month to get over a 100 but this brought the biggest smile on his face - what an achievement. He was not the overall winner, that went to Diane C with 144.
Peter S continued well a fortnight later but, playing on the same lane as Anne W, it was she who got the highest score of 156 - it was also her highest ever, well done Anne; she also got the highest series of the day with 350, once again beating her previous highest. Diane H
struggled throughout 2022 to reach 100 but today she bowled 116 - her highest ever.
As for the rest of us……………better luck next time.
-Diane Caulkett