Burnham on Crouch

Who Built Tutenkhamun's Tomb - A talk by Janet Brewer (5th July 2024)

Event type: Meeting
Date: 5 July 2024
Venue: Village Hall
Cost: £1

Who Built Tutankhamun’s Tomb?

Tutankhamun died when he was only about 19 years old, we don’t know how but we do know that his tomb was one of the few, relatively intact, burials found in the Valley of the Kings. His tomb is very small in relation to the others in the Valley so was KV62 intended for the King, or was it repurposed when he died quite young? The tomb was found by Howard Carter in November 1922 at a time when the world was coming out of World War I and the influenza epidemic, it was startling news and it is still news today. Janet Brewer will discuss all this and more in her talk “Who Built Tutankhamun’s Tomb”.

Janet Brewer studied Egyptology at Birkbeck, part of the University of London, leaving with the Certification in Egyptology. She was a HR professional and is now happily retired and concentrating on perfecting her skills in reading hieroglyphs; a work in progress. She is the Secretary of the Essex Egyptology Group and regularly visits Egypt for study and relaxation.